Imagine you're an Astronaut in a big City

and Wluper is your personal Houston.


You already own one of the most powerful and fascinating things mankind ever created: a Smartphone.
You carry it with yourself all the time. Everywhere. Not to talk about the great stuff you can do with it.

Imagine what experiences you could make if you had the ability to talk to it in a new way. If you could ask it for the way as you would a friend. Imagine it would assist you in the easiest possible way getting somewhere. Imagine how this could completely transform how you move through your city. How you walk, cycle and drive. How you take a bus, tube or cab.


Current transit applications and services base on simple Start-Destination forms which are older than the internet itself and haven't changed much.

Also today's natural language assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now only understand commands, not conversations. The problem is, people can't express complex ideas with commands, hence a dialog is needed to communicate effectively.

And since planning journeys can be tough challenges for everyone, the prospect of conversational assistance for a city is a plausible and desirable application of AI. That's why we're creating Wluper with one simple mission:

Being the first intelligent transport superpower with a personality!


We're developing something that goes beyond understanding commands to understanding transit related conversations. Our approach represents a powerful new paradigm, enabling people to plan journeys and look up information in natural language. Leveraging extensive machine learning technology, we are developing and utilising the following core components:




Natural Language Processing

Deep Learning

Recurrent Neural Networks

Reinforcement Learning

Speech Recognition

Speech Synthesis


We founded and settled in the vibrant area of London's Silicon Roundabout, one of the most significant tech startup hotspots worldwide, where we breathe entrepreneurial spirit, feel the creativity and taste the inspiration surrounding us.

We believe in rethinking, reinvention and dedication to make our daily lives consistently better. Nothing is perfect as it is. There is always a twist to make it substantially more convenient. And we're very excited to present what we have been up to, to show you that Wluper actually will make an impact also on your lives.


But first we have to work to get it perfect. Until then we're a bit tight-lipped in what we're doing :)


We're a small dedicated team of researches, engineers and entrepreneurs with a background in AI development, Software Engineering and Mathematics, spanning experience from an array of organisations, including Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Volkswagen Group, University College London, Imperial College London, and a number of Tech Startups.

Hami Bahraynian

Co-Founder & CEO

Maurice von Sturm

Co-Founder & COO

Nikolai Rozanov

Co-Founder & CTO


Want to work on one of the coolest and most innovative fields of technology in the recent years?
We are building Wluper, an intelligent personal assistant for navigation and transportation. Come join us, together we will change the way people ask for the way and reinvent the future of urban intelligence assistance.





InMotion Ventures invests in high-growth companies in the mobility, transportation and travel sector. Powered by Jaguar Land Rover, they're dedicated to backing innovations that will change the way people move.


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Our office is in Bloomsbury, just a short walk from King's Cross Station or St Pancras International.

  •   175-185 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8UE, United Kingdom
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